XYYX algorithm- The Hermitian conjugate of an operator as of XY YX the Commutator as to Protein matrix the Quantum operator X, Y in 3N technology 
Mirror is to reflect what we have known and Law informatics has the same function for us to translate information into words.
Mirror as interface of vertical thinking in human genomic therapy that we can interpret human proteomic language with plain English sentence in business methods through computer devices. 
 det(A-λI)=0 ; A is Hamiltonian Matrix in Stem cell biology, and λ are Eigenvalues.
We use Russian linguistics in hidden markov model as the tool in XYYX algorithm for the Hermitian conjugate of an operator as of XY YX the Commutator as to Protein matrix the Quantum operator X, Y in 3N technology

                                                                                     MIRROR   Reflected  in  3D Dimensions


                                                                                                 Stem Cell Biology


                                                                                                                    Law Informatics


                                                                                                             Business Methods


                                                                                                                  Docking Theory




                                                                                                                     XML Linguistics


Intellectual expression of cell model in XY, YX, and XYYX algorithm. 


In old French, s is printed as f. It meant that eft is est.  
XY B-DNA YX Z-DNA XYYX (Je me le Lui). 

Z-DNA: the long road to biological function

 A Rich, S Zhang - Nature Reviews Genetics, 2003 -

Interbase electronic coupling for transport through DNA H. Mehrez ...
by H Mehrez - ‎2005 - ‎Cited by 88 - ‎Related articles
Mar 4, 2005 - Using this configuration, double strand B-DNA structures25 of four, six, and ...  the hermitian conjugate.
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Neuron  Hub


Spectrum of Cellular Communications


NeuroScience in form of business


Spectrum in entity of chemistry


Artificial Witness is to locate generic fraud Statute or specific fraud statute on Spectrum in Law.


Spectrums are triggered by neurons in forms of cDNA, mRNA, tRNA and rRNA through RNA HuB protein, and also including stock, credits, and security in business entity by law.


This site  The Web 

XML Linguistics in Proteomic Language including other languages such as Latin word


Harmine is an ATP-competitive inhibitor for dual-specificity tyrosine phosphorylation-regulated kinase 1A (Dyrk1A). 


Proteomic language  tRNA  rRNA   mRNA


Proteomic language  tRNA   5'G  3' A-OH    rRNA  GAAA   CTTC A minor 


Proteomin language  mRNA


Proteomic language   Micelle H+    Micelle OH-     Docking Theory    cDNA


Proteomic language   cDNA Recombinant  Technology --  tRNA   rRNA   mRNA   ----    RNA  HuB Protein


Proteomic Language  :  Freedom of Speech


Bookmarks indicate stem cell's functionality with On/Off setting in routing table . 


Human Genomic Methods in Accounting Rules (part one) BZX XZB 5' account receivable 3' notes receivable


Credits in Human Genomic Methods (part two)- HMM in chemistry, contra account in Accounting, cDNA in Protein nanotechnology


Computerized Standard Language in vowel sounds of a e i O u


Accounting in Science might be adopted in RNA HuB protein for Human genomic therapy


Bayesian model in ON/OFF setting for Human genomic therapy


XML Linguistics JXZB including Latin words, Spanish, French, Microarray, cDNA Recombinant Technology, Business Methods


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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Business methods in human genomes are to bookmark essential proteins- Histidine H, Lysine K, Threonine T, Valine V, FILM in proteomic language.

We would like to introduce polar and non-polar agenda in cellular communications for DNA, RNA, and Proteins. In case of certain polar proteins, we use business methods in JXZB to introduce related non-polar proteins which our body can not produce them by ourselves.  In addition, business methods in accounting are to book those cellular activity in general accounting ledger for biological data and sorted records through database.  On the other hand, we use financial entities such as stock J, credit B, security Z, and cash X to interpret human genomic attributes in proteomic functionality and its relational characteristics on cell.  It means that polar protein is in conjugate with related non-polar protein in cellular communications. His/her property is similar with the concept of Intron and Exon from t-RNA, r-RNA, and mRNA. 
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cellular communications in proteomic language have an isomorphism from natural language in human linguistic paradigm.

In geographic, we look ourselves as a tree, and we are planted or relocated in different areas.  In cell, we might think ourselves as unrooted trees in RNA tertiary structures in RNA folding and its isomorphism from rooted family trees in phylogeny.  In linguistics, we have different languages in races, but most of them can be formulated in latin spelling in vowel and consonant sounds. When we extend our understanding in cellular communications, we might hypothesize that "Cellular communications in proteomic language have an isomorphism with natural language in human linguistic paradigm."  How do we link two trees such as proteomic language and human readable innate language together, it is that "Artificial hands are holding loops which are joined from different functional hidden markov models and both hands are dynamically formed as unrooted trees in RNA tertiary structures in RNA folding. However, phylogenetic trees from rooted trees are following rules in human linguistic paradigm for the relationships in family trees from different species in linguistic study."
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

In our innate language acquisition system, proteomic language may become an universal language by itself.

XML linguistic programmers can design multiple linguals for computer users that they can practice their bilingual background with kinesthetic learnings.

Under proteomic language, we may achieve that dream from XML linguistics. For example, different clusters from human readable languages may compile with an universal setting of vowel and consonant sounds in proteomic language. We know that our human genomes have multiple expressions in DNA, RNA, and proteins with nucleotides a, t, u, c, and g. On the other hand, computer languages and unique computational algorithm have developed to C, C+, C++, Visual basic, Java, COBOL, and FORTRAN etc.  It means that languages are used to express our thoughts in multiways, but grammatical rules should be useful, practical, and be simple in specific purpose for itself. 
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thought, Language, Social Requisitions; Vertical thinking, Words, XML linguistics, XYYX algorithm, Data Capital, Artificial witness.

Vertical thinking

Palindrome in
XYYX Algorithm is an example of vertical thinking to words of human genomes. For example, cDNA permutation in microarray is enhanced by XYXY algorithm and also XYYX algorithm is representing in Benzene Ring Dynamic Model under the Box of UC GA .

In neuroCognition XML linguistics, an intellectual Word to use is functioned as to social requisitions. For example, artificial witness system is possible used to evaluate human nature and also its behaviors from human genomes in protein language. 
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Google translate - if we type genomic codes on iPad, then protein language will pop out its meanings in English sentence ?

If we say that the disadvantages from language barriers with proteins on students' learnings in science are true, then it will be better to improve their scientific literacy performance when they expose to an altered pedagogy with computer-assisted instruction. In theoretical two-way approaches, in a theory presented by Lev Vygotsky, an interactive classroom activity in language is needed because children learn things through doing (Phi Delta Kappa Fastbacks, 2001). In nature, we are born with an innate language acquisition system (Phi Delta Kappa Fastbacks, 2001), and it is processed in three separate but interrelated zones: thought, language, and social requisitions (Phi Delta Kappa Fastbacks, 2001). If multi-linguals can achieve language efficiency in scientific literatures, then Google translate may give us an alternative way in learning science.
11:11 pm est 

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My on-going projects will be in law informatics to adopt benzene ring dynamic modeling, ellipse modeling, Bayesian network modeling. Related resources are listed below.

  Law Informatics abide to 21 CFR part 11 for Computer Validation
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XML Human Genomic Therapy
Ellipse Unmatched 
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Benzene Ring Dynamic Model XYYX algorithm
Eulerian cycle Matched  
Diagram sixteen 


Harmine is an ATP-competitive inhibitor for dual-specificity tyrosine phosphorylation-regulated kinase 1A (Dyrk1A)
Diagram one


Diagram two


Diagram three


Diagram four


Diagram Five



Ellipse model follows Green rule. It is analogous to Loops' interaction that loops function as Do-loop in programming when Benzene Ring Dynamic Model is following XYYX algorithm. On the other hand, loops' interactions abide to cosine law into performing phylogenetic trees in Chemoinformatics. (see diagram api/api01262011.jpg)

Phylogenetic trees will be created by projecctions in cosine law in case that loop's interaction is in balance including biological, physical, chemical and US by_law, and we can adopt association analysis to integrate different paradigms such as law and science in law informatics under human genomic study. (see diagram api/api002062011.jpg)

XYYX algorithm to patent human genomic business methods in Informatics (see diagram xyxyxy/xyxyxy12020211.jpg)

Harmine is a chemical compound for use to simulate those genetic nucleotide arrangements which DNA/RNA are physically organized in between normal cells and cancer cells reversible or irreversible. (see diagram six and diagram seven)

Diagram Six


Diagram Seven


Pseudo Stem Cell Nanotechnology in Law informatics

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Protein Nanotechnology in Intellectual Property under Human Genetic Therapeutic Treatments



G/C/Polar A,T,U

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RNA Knot like right or left thumb and carbon knobs like four fingers which are located to either side symmetrically like a mirror image. We might adopt the right hand and left hand rule from accounting to associate chemistry parameters with business in general ledger in order to manage human genomic datasets as well as informational managements  


Harmine activates intrinsic and extrinsic pathways of apoptosis in B16F-10 melanoma Thayele Purayil Hamsa and Girija Kuttan

- Harmine activates both intrinsic and extrinsic pathways of apoptosis and regulates some transcription factors and pro-inflammatory cytokines.


 M I N I R E V I E W
Activation, regulation, and inhibition of DYRK1A
Walter Becker and Wolfgang Sippl Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Medical Faculty of the RWTH Aachen University, Germany Institute of Pharmacy, Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg, Germany



Deco Technology can be used to make fool of cancer cell from Harmine Chemical Compound in Cancer Therapeutic Treatment. In addition, plasticizers have been research topics to study human reproduction dysfunction from men by environmental hormones such as DEHP, DINP, DIBP, DIDP etc.  It means that Deco Technologu is possible for cancer treatment that if we encode biological functionality on plasticizers in order to trap cancer cells and then separate cancer cells from normal cells in neuron responses. 


Diagram eight


Diagram nine  Science    &    Law


Diagram ten  Science   &    Law





Diagram eleven 


Diagram twelve


Diagram thirteen


Diagram fourteen


Diagram fifteen


Diagram seventeen




Diagram nineteen  


Diagram twenty


Diagram twenty-one   Tyrosine phosphorylation in dual-speciality


Diagram twenty-two       Stare Decisis by Law


Diagram twenty-three      Tangible assets / Exon codes       Intangible assets   /    Intron codes